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"Using Aly’s techniques were crucial to assimilating into the NBA and maximizing my success early in my career. Becoming an All Star and leading all time scorer of the Hornets would not have happened without Aly."

Kemba Walker
7 Years NBA
Point Guard - Charlotte Hornets
2X NBA All Star

"All athletes should be practicing Sport-Specific Stretching and Yoga-Based Movement. I have seen and felt amazing benefits and cannot wait to get back to my practice. I worked with Aly for 10 years and the differences in my body are amazing- I only wish I had started this when I was younger!"

Antawn Jamison
Two-time All-Star NBA Player
17-Year Veteran
NBA Scout and Professional and Collegiate Basketball Commentator

"“Working with Aly has helped me stay healthy and flexible on and off- season. I believe that the style and flow of her program creates more mobility in my athletic body. Sessions are customized and different- ranging from active to recovery which meets my needs. Aly’s knowledge of the athlete body makes her unique.”"

Gerald Henderson
2009 First Round Draft Pick | 9 years in NBA

"Because of The Stretch Lady Program I feel faster, stronger and I can recover more quickly. Working with Aly allowed me to identify how my body works and this helps me to know what to do to keep myself healthy. I believe my mobility gains helped me receive many Division 1 scholarships. "

Obi Egbuna
Football Scholarship Recipient at UNC Chapel Hill Class of 2023

"After I started training with Aly, I became a better athlete and my success on the football field went to a new level. Also, Aly was a pivotal part of my ACL recovery and she helped me get back to where I was before the injury."

Beau Snuggs
Football Safety
Butler University Class of 2021

"Since Aly has worked with my son, I have noticed the following changes in him: improved flexibility and agility, lateral quickness, better athletic posture, range of motion and reach as well as less soreness and discomfort. I am grateful that we found Aly at a critical stage in my son’s basketball development."

Seth Bennett
Professional Sports Executive and Proud Dad

"After a severe subduralhematoma I was almost totally disabled. Luckily I was introduced to Aly Faber and through yoga and other physical activity I regained all my strength and then some. As an octogenarian, I believe I have more strength, more flexibility and more energy than I have had in a decade (or more) and it is due to the unstinting efforts of my coach Aly Faber."

Hugh McColl Jr.
Former Chairman and CEO of Bank of America

"Aly is truly one of the most authentic and talented individuals I have met. If you are seeking to live a purposeful life, gain greater well-being and more… Aly Faber will help you to reach your peak performance."

Dr. Lauren Pepper
Owner & Functional Chiropractor | Innovation Health

"Aly’s program has helped many of my athlete clients become more nimble and agile. She has transformed post-op patients into more flexible versions of themselves. I am impressed with her ability to use her mobility techniques to improve my physical therapy practices."

Aaron Kauffman DPT
ASPT Athletic Training Center

"My son felt immediate improvements and within 4 weeks had improved on his 40-yard testing at a college camp! These results have led to 19 Division 1 football scholarship offers. "

Christie Schrader
Proud Parent of Football Player who received 19 Division 1 Football Scholarship Offers

"I believe yoga, stretching and breathing help athletes relax away from the water, lengthens them after they have been broken down, and offers awareness on what is going on in their bodies and minds. This can help them find balance and understanding of how to challenge themselves and integrate it in both training and in life. I appreciate Aly bringing this to our team."

Nate Boyle
World Class Coach
SwimMAC Team Elite

"Our experience with yoga attacked some critical issues for us as far as flexibility, mobility and overall power. It’s fun to see it transfer to the field. Aly is awesome to work with and our kids and staff really enjoyed the sessions."

Jason Estep
Charlotte Christian School
Assistant Athletic Director, Director of Football Operations, Director of Strength and Conditioning

"Aly has the amazing ability to draw out the best in her clients. She has an innate talent to break down flexibility barriers that people have had for years. She gets the job done!"

Dr. Mark J. Badenhop
Director of ASPT Athletic Training Center Blakeney
7 plus years of experience treating athletes
Certified instructor by USA Weightlifting and The Titleist Performance Institute

"I truly believe the impact this yoga practice has had on their function in the last three years supersedes all forms of exercise we have ever used. We have been able to break through poor motor planning in ways that I had thought was impossible."

Christi Bristol
PTA for 20 Years, ERYT-200

"My youngest son (Sederik) grew 8 inches in a year and his lower back/ hamstrings were TIGHT. He even had to come out of a match early. He’s been doing your videos every day and thinks you are some kind of sorcerer now. "

Eric Saxon (Dad) & Sederik Saxon (Son)
Director of CJRA (Charlotte Junior Rugby Association) The Largest Youth Rugby Club in the Southeast & Sederik Saxon 8th grade Football and Rugby Athlete

"Working with Aly and her program has been a great experience. Yoga has taught me more about how to use my total body strength on the basketball court to make my movements more powerful and explosive. My balance has improved from when I first began my sessions which has allowed me to be more effective and efficient while playing. As I continue to practice Yoga I am sure to see even greater results. "

Joy Cheek
Assistant Basketball Coach, Clemson University & Former WNBA Player

"The progress I've seen with my cross country team is amazing! They recover faster from races and workouts. We have a lower injury rate and we are finishing races much stronger than in the past. I firmly believe that yoga has brought us closer together as a family, not just a team."

Steve Touranjoe
Providence Senior High School
Health and Physical Education Dept. Chair |Head Coach: Boys Cross Country and Track & Field

Notable Clients

Special Alliance with AAU


Have you been looking for a program that will help you achieve more mobility, stay active and injury free? You've found your holy grail. My assessment, corrective flow and mini-exercises will have you moving more efficiently in no time flat. Although designed for pro and student athletes, this program is usable by anyone who simply wants to be their personal best, and will result increased mobility, flexibility and fitness.

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Facilities, Schools & Teams

Are you tired of trying to fit flexibility into a tight or non-existent time slot? Are you tapped out from paying high priced under-trained or uneducated yoga instructors who don’t have the expertise of teaching  athletes or active members? Have you grown weary of paying travel and training expenses for your own certifications and not having the bandwidth to teach it yourself? Guess what? You’ve found your answer.

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Professional Training

Are you a personal or athletic trainer, physical or occupational therapist who wants to teach mobility to active athletes in a nationally recognized certification program without going through a long and expensive teacher training program? This mini-training will give you the tools. If you are an existing 200 plus hour YTT (certified Yoga Instructor) this program will give you CEUs and enable you to have the efficacy to teach Yoga for Athletes.

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Meet Aly.

Aly Faber aka “The Stretch Lady”

When it comes to maximizing physical  and mental potential, Aly Faber is your secret weapon to success. With charisma and passion, she empowers you to tap into the best version of yourself. Developed after over 15 years of expert testing and development, this online program will maximize athletic performance in minimum time while creating a better, stronger and more mobile you.  It will work for anyone, whether you are an elite athlete or simply want to combat aging or maximize your efforts as a weekend warrior.


Aly’s programs have helped to transform:

  • Middle & High School Sports Groups
  • Collegiate & Professional Athletic Teams
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy Offices
  • Healthcare Systems
  • School Systems
  • Corporate Executives

Specializing in Assisted Stretching, Stretch and Life Coaching, Aly also has a BS in Communications from Florida State University. Her certifications include CBP, CMP, E-RYT and YACEP. Rest assured—these are much more than conglomerations of acronyms! Each of these represent unique certifications that allow Aly to bring self-mastery and expertise to your life.

Aly has received national recognition for the efficacy of her methods. She has trained national franchises adding Stretching to their business model. Please contact her directly for more information. 



How the Program Differs from Regular or Specialized Yoga or Fitness

For over 15 years, Aly’s program has helped athletes and weekend warriors alike perform their best. Whether it be helping a mother play with her children, elongating the career of a 16-year NBA veteran or helping a student athlete attain a scholarship, Aly’s program gets results! The proven system has a progressive way of introducing mobility to the body safely and effectively. This unique program includes self-assessments as well as corrective exercises that are both dynamic and static to get the best out of your body.

Note: All of the movements have been approved and taught to physical and occupational therapists for use in healthcare facilities and offices. 


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