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Mobility & Massage are key components to address restrictions and create more room in your body.
Release of sore and tight areas to achieve more balance is our goal together.

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Have you been looking for a program that will help you achieve more mobility, stay active and injury free? You've found your holy grail. My assessment, corrective flow and mini-exercises will have you moving more efficiently in no time flat. Although designed for pro and student athletes, this program is usable by anyone who simply wants to be their personal best, and will result increased mobility, flexibility and fitness.

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Facilities, Schools & Teams

Are you tired of trying to fit flexibility into a tight or non-existent time slot? Are you tapped out from paying high priced under-trained or uneducated yoga instructors who don’t have the expertise of teaching  athletes or active members? Have you grown weary of paying travel and training expenses for your own certifications and not having the bandwidth to teach it yourself? Guess what? You’ve found your answer.

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Professional Training

Are you a personal or athletic trainer, physical or occupational therapist who wants to teach mobility to active athletes in a nationally recognized certification program without going through a long and expensive teacher training program? This mini-training will give you the tools. If you are an existing 200 plus hour YTT (certified Yoga Instructor) this program will give you CEUs and enable you to have the efficacy to teach Yoga for Athletes.

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Meet Aly...

Aly Faber aka “The Stretch Lady”

When it comes to maximizing physical and mental potential, Aly Faber is your secret weapon to success. With charisma and passion, she empowers you to tap into the very best version of yourself. 

Developed after 2 decades of expert testing and development, her online program will maximize athletic performance in minimum time while creating a better, stronger and more mobile you.  It will work for anyone, from the elite athlete or weekend warrior to  the average tight person looking to maximize mobility. 


Aly’s programs have helped to transform:

  • Middle & High School Sports 
  • Collegiate & Pro Athletic Teams
  • Physical and Occupational Therapists
  • Healthcare Systems
  • School Systems  

Specializing in Bodywork, Assisted Stretching, Yoga-Based Stretch and Life Coaching, Aly also has a BS in Communications from Florida State University. Her certifications include LMBT, CBP, CMP, E-RYT and YACEP. Rest assured—these are much more than conglomerations of acronyms! Each of these represent unique certifications that allow Aly to bring self-mastery and expertise to your life.

Aly has received national recognition for the efficacy of her methods. She has trained national franchises adding Stretching to their business model. Please contact her directly for more information. 



How the Program Differs from Regular or Specialized Yoga or Fitness

Aly’s programming has helped athletes and weekend warriors alike perform their best. Whether it be helping a mother play with her children, elongating the career of a 16-year NBA veteran or helping a student athlete attain a scholarship, Aly’s program gets results! The proven system has a progressive way of introducing mobility to the body safely and effectively. This unique program includes self-assessments as well as corrective exercises that are both dynamic and static to get the best out of your body.

Note: All of the movements have been approved and taught to physical and occupational therapists for use in healthcare facilities and offices. 


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